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"A CHRISTMAS STORY" A Christmas story

Some interesting history, facts and information concerning Ray's Traditional Home Made Plum Puddings Pty Ltd, which will help you understand why these quality Plum Puddings are so very popular, and enjoyed so much by everyone who has tried them. Indeed once you have eaten a Ray's Traditional Home Made Plum Pudding you will know you have chosen the best possible Pudding for your special Christmas Festivities - be they large family gatherings for Christmas Dinner, Christmas celebrations in the workplace, or small intimate Christmas Dinner.

Whatever the occasion you will not be disappointed with the superb quality, flavour, and the good old fashioned cooked in the cloth technique used by Ray and his son Ross.

It all began way back in the 1930's when a couple by the name of Ruby and Ted McPherson operated "The Valley Cake Shop" in Puckle Street , Monee Ponds.

In those days the puddings were hand mixed (as they still are today), and cooked three at a time in a "Dixie" on a one-fire stove. They could sell as many of these quality puddings as they could produce.

Ruby and Ted had a daughter, Norma, who learnt to cook extremely well, with Ruby as her teacher how could she fail.

When Norma married Ray Carter in 1950, Ray decided to try a business venture of their own and took over the running of a Delicatessen Shop in Burke Road, Camberwell. As Christmas approached they tried out the successful old Christmas Pudding recipe, and a similar, updated method of cooking.

They not only sold out, but left a horde of customers disappointed at missing out on this commercially produced "Home Made" Christmas Plum Pudding. The fame of this beautiful pudding had now spread from Moonee Ponds where it had become so very popular and sought after, to Camberwell where the young Mr. And Mrs. Carter were determined to make RAY'S PLUM PUDDINGS a must for your Christmas Festivities.

Next year they started production much earlier to meet the demand for this quality product. The demand for their excellent product came not only from their own customers, but from other businesses in the Camberwell area. Success again. They knew they had a WINNER. After a super successful two Christmas's the output had reached about three tonne, and a big clientele had been built up, so the Carters decided to take the next step and move on.

They established themselves in Ardmillan Road, Moonee Ponds around 1960, and with the help of family and six gas coppers they turned up production to an amazing 120 puddings each day. Of course the QUALITY AND HIGH STANDARDS of this commercially viable product was not compromised. Ray Carter and his son Ross are businessman who needs no convincing that in order to produce the best product you must use the very best ingredients available. - Prime Australian mixed dried fruits etc. Ray has always been a staunch believer in "BUY AUSTRALIAN" and today the company philosophy continues unchanged.

It was originally intended when moving to Ardmillan Road to operate a wholesale outlet servicing shops and businesses in Essendon and surrounding districts. But again the business boomed (they must be doing something right), and it was impossible to meet the demand - so another move was made.

The present factory was built in 1970 (since enlarged to double the size), and to say its methods of production are unique would be an understatement.

The boast "like Mother makes" is not an idle one. RAY CARTER and his family are proud to associate his name with this superior quality Christmas Pudding. You are paying for quality and satisfaction, you will not be disappointed.

RAY'S TRADITIONAL HOME MADE PLUM PUDDINGS PTY. LTD. As the name implies has only one commodity to sell - Christmas Plum Puddings, made to an ageing recipe which never varies. The same high quality and standards, made by hand, cooked in the cloth plum puddings as Mums have done through the ages. A tried and true formula for a successful product which is a delight to eat.

Allergen Information

Contains: Gluten from wheat

A Family Business


A family business that grew. Ray, Norma and son Ross are proud of their achievement in producing this fine product from Australian Produce.

The concept of a business which literally turns out plum puddings by the tonne conjures up visions of mass production and sophisticated equipment.

However , with the exception of three small machines used for blending sugar and shortening, the entire process is carried out individually by hand.

Everything - mixing and weighing of ingredients (best quality - Australian), sifting of flour, tieing of puddings in their own cloth, preparation for cooking, and even removal from the boiling water in the the cooking vats - is done individually , by staff, by hand.

"It is the personal touch which helps make it a Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding" Ray says, "we never mix batches of more than 12 Kilogram.s. This ensures each batch (and pudding) comprises about one third fruit, is thoroughly mixed, and that the correct quantities are used".

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A Christmas story