A Family Business

THE PERSONAL TOUCH A family business that grew. Ray, Norma and son Ross are proud of their achievement in producing this fine product from Australian Produce.

The concept of a business which literally turns out plum puddings by the tonne conjures up visions of mass production and sophisticated equipment.

However , with the exception of three small machines used for blending sugar and shortening, the entire process is carried out individually by hand.

Everything - mixing and weighing of ingredients (best quality - Australian), sifting of flour, tieing of puddings in their own cloth, preparation for cooking, and even removal from the boiling water in the the cooking vats - is done individually , by staff, by hand. "It is the personal touch which helps make it a Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding" Ray says, "we never mix batches of more than 12 Kilogram.s. This ensures each batch (and pudding) comprises about one third fruit, is thoroughly mixed, and that the correct quantities are used".

Tied correctly in the cloth the puddings are placed in specially designed cooking vats for boiling to complete the cooking process.

Cooking time varies according to the size (weight) of the puddings, which range in sizes of No 2 or 900g, No 3 or 1.4 kg, No4 or 1.8 kg and No 5 or 2.3 kg averaging a little over 8 serves per Kilogram. Duration of boiling depends on size, and following this process each puddings is removed individually from the vats, hand rung to remove excess water and then are hung on special racks to cool.

The final process is to seal each pudding in a CRYOVAC pack to ensure long life.

You can see that QUALITY INGREDIENTS AND THE HAND MADE PERFECTION OF PRODUCT are the Criteria of RAY'S TRADITIONAL HOME MADE PLUM PUDDINGS. A technique which creates a superior product at an affordable price.

WHAT YOU PAY FOR IS WHAT YOU GET! Why should you buy anything else?

STORAGE - Refrigeration is essential. If you purchase the pudding for use at Christmas store in the Refrigerator or Freezer until required. For longer term storage (Christmas in July) Deep Freezing is required, (thaw completely before reheating in boiling water).

PREPARATION AND SERVING - All that is left for you to do now is to try one of these famous, cooked in the cloth, Traditional Home made Plum Puddings for yourself. You will discover that indeed "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".

TO HEAT - just remove the Cryovac cover and clip. Bring water to the boil in an appropriate sized saucepan. Place the Pudding still in the cloth into the boiling water and boil for 30 minutes per Kilogram OR Microwave in the cloth for 10 minutes per Kilogram on high, you will then need to boil for 10 minutes to allow easy cloth removal.

WHEN READY TO SERVE - Flame with Brandy, or serve accompanied by your favorite Brandy sauce, icecream, custard, or cream and enjoy the best Christmas Pudding you have ever tasted. They are even perfect on their own.